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2021~2022 School Year
1st Semester, 7th Week

The Undergraduate School of Tongji University is a functional organization under the leadership of the University President and the Vice President in charge of academic affairs, responsible for the undergraduate education and teaching of the University. Its primary responsibilities include:  
1. Comprehensive implementation of the Party's Education Policy and the instructions from higher authorities on education; Persistence in education, reform of education, and strict administration of teaching practices to ensure the central position of teaching in campus affairs; active implementation of the policy that "undergraduate education is the foundation of the University" so as to improve the quality of education and the efficiency in administration.
2. Design of teaching plans; formulation of relevant rules and regulations on teaching practices; research and formulation of educational development projects, professional setup, and adjustments.
3. Working together with colleges/schools (departments) to formulate and implement undergraduate (college) training programs, curriculum syllabi and related teaching documents.
4. Organization of research and exchange of experience in teaching reforms in order to put them into practice in the process of education and teaching.
5. The construction of the teaching style, and the development of the learning style with joint efforts of the Students' Affairs Office.
6. Organization of the construction of teaching materials, curriculum, teaching teams, and Young Teachers' Lecture Contests; organization of the selection and recommendation of members for the Teaching Steering Committee.
7. Organization of the formulation of undergraduate (college) internship programs; assistance with colleges/schools (departments) in the construction of on-and-off-campus bases and exchanges of experience.
8. Scheduling of courses and examinations and arrangements for the use of classrooms; administration of undergraduate (college) student registration (including scores, degrees, academic qualifications, student ID cards, and school badges); working together with the Graduate School to recommend candidates qualified for direct access to postgraduate study; cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Office in the administration of international student registration.
9. Cooperation with the Office of Teaching Quality Management in the inspection, supervision, and evaluation of teaching quality.
10. Organization of applications for and evaluation of various teaching awards, teaching achievement awards, teaching materials awards, and quality courses; organization of the identification of papers on teaching reforms.
11. Organization of competitions and innovation activities for undergraduate students.
12. Cooperation with the relevant departments in the formulation of budget and allocation plans for the annual undergraduate (college) teaching expenses.
13. Cooperation with the Personnel Department in the work of the teaching establishment, verification of the teaching workload, teaching methods training of novice teachers, and evaluation of teachers’ professional titles.
14. Arrangements for auditors to attend classes.
15. Organization of colleges/schools (departments) to standardize the use of languages and writing.
16. Completion of other tasks related to undergraduate (college) education and teaching.
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