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Teaching and Learning Center for Elite Education Programs

The Teaching and Learning Center for Elite Education Programs is subordinate to the Undergraduate School. It aims to serve the overall strategy of talent cultivation at Tongji University, and research, explore and promote the reform of education and talent training mode, in order to help elite students with innovative ideas stand out. Its primary responsibilities include:

 I. Construction and administration of the Innovation Experimental Zone for Talent Cultivation Mode.

1. Strengthening of the standardized administration and the construction of the system of the Experimental Zone: establish and improve the assessment and evaluation system; explore scientific and rational mechanisms for establishment and withdrawal; and promote the sustainable development of the Experimental Zone. 

2. Strengthening of the administration of enrollment in the Experimental Zone: organization and supervision of the enrollment publicity, selection, admission, and summarization, and accomplishment and optimization of the administration and operation of the enrollment network system.

3. Assist the dean in charge with the administration of funds for the Experimental Zone.

4. Exploration and improvement of the quality evaluation system of the Experimental Zone.


II. Construction and administration of "New Specialties": strengthening of the construction and development of newly-established specialties, upgrading the professional level, and supervision of the use of funds for newly-established majors.

1. Construction of new engineering specialties: carrying out the application, implementation, inspection and assessment of new engineering research and practice projects, and construction and guidance of new engineering specialties.

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