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Administration Office (Jiading Campus)

The Administration Office at the Jiading Campus is subordinate to the Undergraduate School and its primary responsibilities include:

1. Assistance with all of the work at the Jiading Campus.

2. Administration of the work of the Administration Office (Jiading Campus) and coordination with other colleges / schools and departments.

3. Establishment of the rules and regulations relating to the work of Administration Office (Jiading Campus).

4. Arrangements of course scheduling at the Jiading Campus.

5. Rescheduling and suspension of courses at the Jiading Campus.6. Organization of the final examinations and studentsre-sitting for examinations at the beginning of the following semester at the Jiading Campus.

7. Organization of the National College English Test (CET 4 & CET 6) at the Jiading Campus.

8. Organization of the Computer Rank Examination of Shanghai Higher Education Institution at the Jiading Campus.

9. Administration of public and designated classrooms for non-degree programs at the Jiading Campus.10. Statistically analyzing and processing data related to the course scheduling  and examinations at the Jiading Campus.

11. Calculation and reporting of allowances for teachers attending classes at the Jiading Campus from different campuses.

12. Calculation and reporting of the transportation subsidies for students at the Jiading Campus attending cross-campus or cross-university minor courses.

13. Cooperation with the Management Committee Office of Jiading Campus and relevant colleges/schools/departments to arrange for the transport for cross-campus teaching activities.

14. Assistance and cooperation with relevant colleges/schools/departments in other tasks at the Jiading Campus.

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