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Curriculum Center

The Curriculum Center is subordinate to the Undergraduate School, responsible for teaching affairs and examinations both inside and outside the university. Its primary responsibilities include:

1. To schedule classroom and teacher assignments of the University and implementation of scheduling at the Siping Campus. 

2. Arrangement of scheduling classroom and teacher assignments for resumed programs and implementation of scheduling of this arrangement at the Siping Campus.

3. Organization of the final assessments/examinations of the University and implementation of the final assessments/examinations at the Siping Campus.

4. Organization of examination re-sits of the University and implementation of re-sits at the Siping campus.

5. Recheduling and suspension of courses for the University.

6.Administration of classroom use at the Siping Campus.

7. Organization of the National College English Test (CET 4 & CET 6) for the University.

8. Organization of the Computer Rank Examination of Shanghai Higher Education Institution for the University.

9.Registration and admission of students who sign up for foreign language intensive training classes.

10. Registration, admission, and scheduling for inter-university minors and selective courses.11. Collection and input of data of teachers' (both internal and external) undergraduate teaching qualifications.

12. Organization of applications of teachers to professional titles and review of teaching hours during current tenures.

13. Statistical analysis of part of the data from the Curriculum Center database.

14. Design and production of the school calendars.

15. Revision of the Student Guidelines.

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