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Center for Practice Teaching

The Center for Practice Teaching is a subordinate body of the Undergraduate Schoolresponsible for the management of undergraduate practice teaching. Its main responsibilities include:

1. Organization and implementation of the teaching in the practice teaching phase;

2. Management of the graduation design/thesis;

3. Organization of academic competitions of various subjects;

4. Cooperation with schools/colleges/departments in the construction of practice teaching bases both inside and outside Tongji University;

5. Development of the education with integrated Industry-University-Research Cooperation;

6. Organization of the management, implementation and supervision of the practice teaching phases;

7. Audit of student internship expenses by schools/colleges/departments;

8. Assistance with treatment of matters rising from student internship in the metalworking factories;

9. Assistance with the teaching budget breakdown and management for all schools and departments of Tongji University;

10. Filing of the practice teaching documents;

11. Optimization and improvement of the information-based management of practice teaching;

12. Handling of practice teaching related issues on Jiading Campus.

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