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Center for General Education

Center for General Education is subordinate to the Undergraduate School, responsible for the curriculum plan, development and management of teaching at the phases for freshmen and general education. It is also responsible for the development of research and academic exchanges in general education. Its main responsibilities include:

1. Organization of curriculum design for courses at the general education phase (general compulsory courses, general selective courses and major basic courses included), and of policy making and course development standards for general education;

2. Organization of academic research, teaching exchanges and class observations as well as teaching reform on the general education;

3. Promotion and information construction of general education; construction of the website of the Center for General Education, and organization of developing online open courses of general education;

4. Organization of course development, its review, evaluation and assessment of courses of general education;

5. Routine administration of all the general education courses and assistance to teaching administration of the core courses of general education.

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