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Registrar Center

The Registrar Center is subordinate to the Undergraduate School and is responsible for the course selection and the administration of undergraduate registrations.  Its primary responsibilities include: 

1. Administration of undergraduate registration and related affairs;

2. Review and report for approval of graduation and degree qualifications of undergraduates;

3. Administration of admissions of undergraduate students to postgraduate programs exempt from entrance exams;

4. Replacement of certificates and reissue of proof of graduation certificates and/or degree certificates;

5. Organization of course selections and processing of grades for each semester;

6. Verification and handling of student cheating or misconduct on examinations;

7. Compilation and distribution of students' registrations, and providing assistance with the graduation ceremony for the Student Affairs Office;

8. Replacement of certificates of completion with graduation certificates and supplementing of degree certificates;

9. Coordination and administration of domestic exchange students;

10. Completion of data statistics and filing of documents;

11. Maintenance of course selection, score processing, and other related software;

12. Reception of students, parents, alumni, etc., and handling letters.

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