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Administration Office

The Administration Office is subordinate to the Undergraduate School. Its main responsibilities include:

1. Calculation of the remuneration for teaching basic courses for each semester;

2. Data collection and compilation of the part of undergraduate education for Tongji University Yearbook;

3. Administration of applications from observing students and teachers for advanced studies;

4.  Organization and coordination of language use related to written texts about the university;

5. Organization and coordination of orientation of first-year undergraduate students;

6. Filing of documents and submission of information of the Undergraduate School;

7.  Administration of using the official seal of the Undergraduate School for authorization of documents;

8. Management of office expenditure and administration of online remuneration;

9. Service and management of retirees of the Undergraduate School;

10. Annual staff assessment, personnel recruitment of the Undergraduate School;

11. Liaison and coordination of external affairs, and logistic support for the Undergraduate School;

12. Procurement and reporting as scrap of fixed assets at the Undergraduate School.

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