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Measures for Implementation of Teaching Method Training for New Teachers at Tongji University

In order to further implement the Regulations on the administration of teachers for undergraduate teaching in Tongji University (No.34[2005]-TJedu), the Measures for Implementation of Teaching Method Training for New Teachers at Tongji University are specially established for new teachers to prepare for undergraduate lessons and improve their teaching.

1. Purpose

The teaching method training for new teachers s is an important part of teacher induction training. The training results are used as the main basis for evaluation of the induction training, and it is also one of the necessary conditions for the selection of the backbone teachers of the University.

2. Organization

The training is organized by the Academic Affairs Office and the Personnel Department. It is held once every semester.

3. Trainees

The trainees include three types of new teachers: graduates from Tongji University, teachers transferred from other universities, and teachers recruited from the society without teaching experience. Only those who have completed the training may submit application for trial teaching.

4. Arrangements

In the third week of each semester, each college (or department) submits the list of new teachers to the Academic Affairs Office. The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for implementation of the training. The training starts from the sixth week,

generally lasting for two weeks.

5. Contents

5.1 Listening to specific lectures. The Academic Affairs Office invites teachers with rich teaching experience and good teaching effect to offer specific lectures to new teachers. Contents of the lectures are as follows:

(1) Teacher professional ethics;

(2) Basic principles of university teaching methods

(3) The techniques and art of blackboard writing;

(4) Basic skills in class - writing, speaking and watching

(5) How to prepare lessons, write lesson plans, assign homework, and correct assignments;

(6) How to control the classroom atmosphere and teaching order;

(7) How to effectively use multimedia for teaching (control of teaching rules in electronic lesson plans);

(8) How to make heuristic teaching appealing;

(9) How to conduct quality education and cultivate students' innovative spirit and ability of practice in classroom teaching;

(10) How to perform good practice teaching.

5.2 Watch and learn from video materials. New teachers are organized to watch teaching video materials, including those of national top-quality online courses.

5.3 Visit the exhibition of excellent lesson plans.

5.4 Carry out a learning summary. Each new teacher submits a 3000-word paper before the end of the training.

6. Requirement

New teachers attending the training must ensure their time for the training.

7. Supplementary Provisions

These measures shall go into effect from the date of promulgation and shall be interpreted by the Academic Affairs Office and the Personnel Office.

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