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Measures for Implementation of New Teacher’s Trial Teaching at Tongji University

In order to further implement the Regulations on the administration of teachers for undergraduate teaching in Tongji University" (No.34[2005]-TJedu), the Measures for Implementation of New Teacher’s Trial Teaching at Tongji University are formulated to ensure and improve the teaching quality of new teachers.

1. A new teacher refers to the teacher who is the first time to enroll in an undergraduate course in our university after the new recruitment, transfer, or stay after graduation. Except the high-level talents introduced by the school, in principle, only after passing the assessment of trial lectures, the new teachers can be qualified for teaching the undergraduate courses.

2. Before the new teacher applies for a trial lecture, he or she must have obtained the Teacher Certification for higher education, as well as experience in assistant teaching, such as tutoring exercises, answering questions, guiding experiments, correcting assignments, and instructing teaching practice. It takes half a year for young teachers with doctoral degrees to work as assistants, and one year for young teachers with master's degrees. The work experience as a teaching assistant is confirmed by the dean of the college in charge of academic affairs, and reported to the Academic Affairs Office for the record.

3. The college (department) should arrange for new teachers to listen to the lessons of senior teachers, who will also help with and guide the new teachers'  teaching practice. Before the trial lecture, the new teacher must have completed the training in teaching methods.

4. The trial lecture of the new teacher is organized by the college (department).After the new teacher applies for a trial lecture to the college (department), the lecturing time, place and content is reported to the Academic Affairs Office. The trial lectures are attended and reviewed by senior teachers assigned by the college (department) and experts organized by the Academic Affairs Office  (including review of the teaching plans).

5. The length of the lecture is generally one session of a class (45 minutes). It can be organized separately or in a small class which is directly oriented to students.

6. The new teacher who passes the assessment of the trial lecture will be issued the Certificate of Classroom Teaching. The Certificate of Classroom Teaching is also one of the basic conditions for the new teacher to declare their professional and technical positions.

7. The new teacher who fails the assessment is allowed to re-apply for it after two months. If the new teacher fails for two consecutive times, the college (department) must arrange for him/ her to attend classes of senior teachers for one year, who will pass on their teaching experience, help with and guide his/her teaching practice.

8. Teachers without the Certificate of Classroom Teaching shall not be arranged for teaching the undergraduate courses without the approval of the Academic Affairs Office.

9. These measures shall go into effect from September 2005 and shall be interpreted by the Academic Affairs Office.

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