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Regulations on Using Classrooms

1. All classrooms in the school building are for the students to take classes or conduct self-study. Teacher's lounges are for teachers to use before class or during class breaks. Without the approval of both Deans and the principal in charge, no one can use them for any other purposes;

2. The logistics group and property management company are responsible for the cleaning and management of the hygiene, safety, lighting, and teaching equipment in the classrooms, as well as the maintenance of housing building, equipment, water and electricity, and school bells, to ensure the normal operation of teaching activities;

3. For the temporary use of classrooms by all schools, departments, and units on campus, students must apply for permission from the Teaching Affairs Section of the Academic Affairs Office one to two days in advance;

4. The audio-visual and audio classrooms are only for the students’ real-time observation of teaching and learning of foreign languages according to the teaching plan arranged by the audiovisual center, the Department of German, and the Department of Foreign Languages. The principals in charge of others affected by the temporary arrangement must also approve applications for temporary use;

5. The number of classrooms used for Adult Education shall be submitted by the Correspondence School to the Academic Affairs Office at least one week before the end of the school year. The Academic Affairs Office makes the plan and classrooms shall be arranged and managed by the Correspondence College;

6. All schools and departments using classrooms shall take the unit certificate to the Academic Affairs Office to follow the borrowing procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations;

7. Classrooms used for student or class organization activities (including New Year's Day, National Day) shall permitted by Teaching Affairs Department of the Academic Affairs Office for the borrowing procedure with the certificate approved by the Student Affairs Office.  After the event, the organizer will be responsible for the classroom cleaning, and the desks and chairs shall be arranged neatly;

8. During the winter and summer vacations, the classroom borrowing procedures will not be processed.  The borrowing procedures shall be completed by the Academic Affairs Office at least one week before the long vacation begins;

9. Except for the Academic Affairs Office, no other units have the right to approve the borrowing of classrooms. All classrooms must be lent with the promissory note issued by the Teaching Affairs Section of the Academic Affairs Office;

10. These regulations have been put into effect on a trial basis since September 16, 1996.

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