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Administrative Measures of Textbook Procurement for Tongji Students

As the supply of higher education textbooks has become more and more market-oriented and diversified, our university has decided to procure textbooks in a market-oriented way.

The Measures are formulated to ensure the accomplishment of all relevant works.

1. Textbook Management Office will issue the textbook information approved by Textbook Management Committee. The information on undergraduate curriculum materials will be given to students as the undergraduate course selection starts, and that on postgraduate curriculum materials will be presented to students in the first class by teachers.

2. According to the published information on curriculum materials, students can purchase textbooks through the internet, bookstores or other channels.

3. If the textbooks designated in courses are self-compiled teaching materials, the academic units are responsible for the arrangement of printing or purchasing the teaching materials.

4. The measures are applicable to registered undergraduate and postgraduate students of Tongji University.

5. The Measures should be implemented after approval, and should be interpreted by the Textbook Management Office. Administrative Measures of Textbook Procurement for Tongji Students (No.81 [2015]-TJedu) should be abolished at the same time.

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