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Administrative Measures on Student ID Cards and University Badges

1. The student ID card and the badge are the certificate and symbol of a student. New students qualified by review will be issued a student ID card and a university badge;

2. The student ID card and the badge are only for personal use. They should be properly kept and cared in case of damage or loss. Students are not allowed to lend them to others. The ID card cannot be altered without permission;

3. At the start of each semester, students are to take their student ID cards and register in their school/college/department office in time. The student ID card without a stamp is invalid;

4. If a student loses or damages his/her student ID card, he/she should report it to the school/college/department office in time and write a statement to explain the cause, time and place of the case. After review and approval by the director of the school/college/department office, the case will be submitted to the Course Planning and Academic Status Management Center. The replacement of student ID card will be reissued in one month (the university badge will not be replaced). The replacement of the student ID card will be subject to a charge of 5 yuan;

5. During the semester when the student ID card is lost, half-price train tickets (including return travel) cannot be subscribed. Each student is entitled to apply for replacement of his/her student ID card only once. If it is lost again, it will not be replaced;

6. No alteration is allowed to be made on the route and arrival station recorded on the student ID card. If information needs to be altered due to family reasons, evidence should be provided by the employer of student parent(s). The information cannot be altered on the student ID card until then.

7. Students who are found altering their travel routes and/or arrival stations or other falsification on their student ID card shall be subject to a full fare payment and criticism. In serious cases, it may result in university disciplinary action.

8. When the student graduates from or leaves the University due to reasons of transfer, dropout and expulsion, his/her student ID card and university badge should be returned to the academic affairs section of his/her school/college/department for cancellation of registration before he or she leaves the university. If the card or the badge is lost, a written statement must be provided to explain the cause and a fine is to be paid (5 yuan for the student ID card; 2 yuan for the badge).

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