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Regulations Tongji Undergraduate Students Are to Observe During Internships

The Regulations Tongji Undergraduate Students Are to Observe During Internships are formulated to ensure internships run smoothly and meet the desired expectations.


Article 1. Internships specified in the teaching plan are compulsory courses. Students must participate actively and achieve a passing grade or above. If students are unable to complete their internships due to an illness or other reasons, they must submit proof issued by the university hospital or other relevant units to the dean in charge of academic affairs in the college (department) for approval and signature. It must then be reported to the Academic Affairs Office for filing so the student can apply for supplementary internships in the future. Students absent from the internship for more than one third of the entire period will receive a failing grade for the internship, and must pay the required fees and retake it.


Students absent from the internship for a whole day without requesting an absence will be counted as missing six classes, and will thereby be subject to the prescribed punishment according to Regulations on Disciplinary Sanctions on Students in Breach of Rules and Regulations of Tongji University.


Article 2. Students must participate in the pre-internship education activities held by colleges (departments), learn carefully the internship syllabus\guidance and other relevant documents, understand the aims and requirements of internships so as to ensure the discipline of internships are strictly abided by and internship tasks are successfully accomplished.


Article 3. Students must strictly obey all the rules of the internship units without claiming any personal privileges, such as following the work time schedule. They should, with modesty and politeness, take the initiative to pursue the guidance from workers and technicians, and be willing to learn from them. During internships, students must abide by Code of Conduct for Undergraduate Students. Any violations will be punished according to Regulations on Disciplinary Sanctions on Students in Breach of Rules and Regulations of Tongji University.


Article 4. Students must observe security rules when at the internship sites. They must wear required protective equipment, such as safety helmets at construction sites; geological shoes during field geological surveying practice; isolated and protective equipment when performing radioactive operations. Dresses, vests, slippers, and high heels are not allowed in workshops and at construction sites.


Article 5. Students must strictly follow the operating procedures with a high level of concentration and attention. No machinery or equipment is to be started without permission. Students must stay quiet, listen carefully, and take notes when technical lectures are given.


Article 6. Drawings and documents borrowed for the internship must be kept safe to prevent damage and loss, and must be returned in time. Confidential rules must be obeyed and the confidential information involved in the internship must be strictly kept to avoid unauthorized access.


Article 7. Students should log their practice content in their internship diaries every day to collect information for their internship reports, including the production process, the process of typical parts, the sketches of important machinery or equipment, important data, technical report content, and personal experience. The internship report is one of the important bases for grading the internship. A sloppy or uncompleted internship report will result in the student being required to rewrite their report, or will otherwise be not graded.


Article 8. Students must comply with social ethnics during their internships and round trips. They should consciously follow and maintain order in public places such as on buses and ships. They are not allowed to disembark without permission during the trips. Students who take internships outside Shanghai are not allowed to leave or sleepover outside at the internship units without permission of the instructors.


Article 9. Students should get along well with other members in the internship units and dormitories, cherish food, pay attention to hygiene, and provide assistance regularly. At the end of the internship, anything borrowed including the daily necessities, devices and equipment must be returned. Any lost or damaged items must be paid for. Students must settle their accounts with the internship units, return the room keys, and bid them a good farewell.


Article 10. Students should respect the internship instructors and follow their guidance. They should unite, help, and take care of each other.


Article 11. Swimming in rivers, lakes, and seas is strictly forbidden to prevent accidents.


Article 12. Students should pay attention to food hygiene to prevent food poisoning, not eat in unsanitary stalls, not drink tap water or eat unwashed fruits. 


Article 13. Students must strictly observe the Regulations. If any violation occurs, instructors should give timely criticism. For those who refuse to correct their behavior and continue to misbehave, their internship qualifications will be suspended or even cancelled. They may even receive disciplinary punishments depending on the circumstances.


Article 14. The regulations shall be interpreted, implemented, and inspected by Academic Affair Offices, and shall go into effect upon approval by the vice president in charge. 

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