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Application for transfer to another major

I. Students can apply for a transfer to another major in any of the following situations.

1. They have a strong interest in a different major;

2. They have outstanding talent in a different major;

3. They have difficulties in learning the current program with which they registered;

4. They resume their academic study after return from military service in the People's Liberation Army (the Chinese People's Armed Police Force included).

5. Students resume their academic study after return from their suspension for starting a business.


In the first case, students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of their intentional major, including program plan, grade point average, and scores on college entrance examinations. In the second and third cases, they must explicitly justify their talents or difficulties. In the fourth case, students must resume their study at Grade One or Two of their programs. In the fifth case, students must provide relevant business materials to prove that transfer to a different major will be more beneficial to their business development.


II. Each college/school/department will establish a committee for evaluating transfer requests to other majors, headed by the leader responsible for transfer and joined by the Secretary of the Discipline Committee. The committee, fully responsible for the transfer work, will formulate and implement the acceptance plan according to the requirements of the University.


III. For students in the first situation, the Undergraduate School will organize applications for transfer during the second semester of each academic year. The requirements and schedule are as follows.

1. During the 6th week, each college/school/department will submit the acceptance plan to the Undergraduate School, including the number of students it intends to accept (5-20% of the actual number of new students in the academic year, with a certain percentage based on students’ scores of the college entrance examination) entry requirements, methods of selection (in principle, a comprehensive evaluation), arrangements for selection and methods of grade arrangements.

2. During the 7th week, the Undergraduate School will issue a notice of transfer majors, and will publish the acceptance plan of each major.

3. During the 8th week, students will complete an application form for transfer, listing up to three intentional majors;

4. During the 9th and 10th weeks, each college/school/department will organize the selection and publish the pre-admission list.

5. During the 11th week, the Undergraduate School will organize the transfer of pre-admitted students to their majors in three batches. After confirming each batch, the admission list will be determined according to the number of acceptance plans and the pre-admission ranking of the students. Those who are confirmed cannot be changed. Those who are unsuccessful may continue to participate in the next round of confirmations. Students have up to three confirmation opportunities according to the pre-admission results;

6. During the 12th week, the Undergraduate School will publish the admission list of each major;

7. During the 13th week, the Undergraduate School will submit the admission list to the Vice President for review and approval;

8. During the 14th week, procedures for transferring majors will be organized for all admitted students.


IV. Students in the second through the fifth situations should apply for transfer within the first three weeks of each semester. If they transfer to other majors within the same college/school/department, their application will be reviewed and approved by the Vice Dean and report to the Undergraduate School for recording. The approval procedure for transfer between colleges/schools (departments) is as follows.

1. Students will submit their applications for transfer to the colleges/schools (departments) in which they registered;

2. After the review and approval by the colleges/schools (departments), the applications will be submitted to the Undergraduate School for review, and then sent to the accepting colleges/schools (departments) for review;

3. After their comprehensive review, the accepting colleges/schools (departments) will propose recommendations of whether or not to accept the student. If it is a recommendation to accept the student, the colleges/schools (departments) should also put forward its recommendations on grade arrangements and submit them to the Undergraduate School for review and approval.

4.  After the review and approval by the Undergraduate School, it will be submitted to the Vice President for review and approval.


V.  Students who are not allowed to transfer their majors under National or University Provisions for Undergraduate Admissions cannot transfer to other majors. For example, art students cannot transfer to a non-art major.

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