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Can more round-the-clock classrooms be available to students?

The university is open all students as a whole and works on a unified schedule. To be on work and off work according to the prescribed schedule is one of the successful measures to ensure the normal teaching order at the university. Usually round-the-clock classroom service is not offered; however, at the end of each semester (during 16th -19th weeks), the classrooms ended with room numbers of *11, *14, *15, *16 in the middle of the North and South Teaching Buildings will be open until 24:00. The reason why we feel reluctant to make more round-the-clock classrooms available is because it is not beneficial to the overall well-being of students. Meanwhile, the small number of students who return to their dormitory at midnight will interrupt the sleep of their roommates, which may result in problems among roommates. The key point here is how to keep to a bottom line. At present, we do not have a better solution for your request yet. Therefore, we have to ask you for your understanding before we eventually find a better way out.

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